Donate to the Keep MLT Strong COVID-19 Relief Fund

The Keep MLT Strong COVID-19 Relief Fund will be hosted by the Mountlake Terrace Community Foundation in partnership with organizations involved in Keep MLT Strong.

Donations are being accepted through the Mountlake Terrace Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and are tax deductible.

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While the health crisis may be short-term, the economic impact will be long-lasting

The Keep MLT Strong COVID-19 Relief Fund provides resources to residents of Mountlake Terrace who have been impacted by the economic consequences of the pandemic. This fund provides assistance to Mountlake Terrace residents with getting caught up on utility bills that may have gone unpaid due to financial hardships associated with the pandemic. A portion of the fund may be used for very specific needs during the health crisis that cannot be met with resources from other organizations and government programs.

While the COVID-19 health crisis may last several months, the economic impact on Mountlake Terrace residents will likely last much longer. Many utility agencies are not shutting off service or penalizing non-payment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the health crisis subsides and people are back to work, most utility agencies will likely work with customers to come up with a payment plan. Even so, many families will have been out of work and relying on reduced income. Additional utility payments to get caught up will be a large burden for many.

The fund will pay up to 1 billing cycle for 1 utility bill to applicants who qualify as long as funding is available.